Contaminant or Characteristic Level considered Average Maximum acceptable level Remarks
       Total Bacteria 0/ml 100/ml 0/ml is desirable
       Coliform bacteria 0/ml 50/ml 0/ml is desirable
Nitrogen Compounds
       Nitrate 10mg/l 25 to 45 mg/l Levels from 3 to 20 mg/l may affect performance
       Nitrate .4mg.l 4mg.l
ph 5.5 to 6.5
Total hardness 60 to 180 Hardness levels less than 60 are unusually soft; those 180 are very  hard.
Natural Occurring Chemicals
          Calcium 60 mg/l
           Chloride 14mg/l 250mg/l Levels as low as 14 mg/l may be detrimental if the sodium level is higher than 50 mg/l
Copper .002mg.l .6mg/l
Iron .2mg.l .3mg.l Higher levels produce a bad odor and taste
Lead .2mg.l Higher levels are toxic.
Magnesium 14 mg/l 125 mg/l Higher levels have a laxative effect.  Levels greater than 50 mg/l affect performance if the sulfate level is high.
Sodium 32mg/l Levels above 50 mg/l may affect performance if the sulfate or chloride level is high.
Sulfate 25mg/l 1250mg/l Higher levels have laxative effect.  Levels above 50 mg/l may affect performance if magnesium an chloride levels are high.
Zinc 1.50 mg/l Higher levels are toxic.