Calcium Hypochlorite

"Powdered chlorine is much safer than gas chlorine"

Fact:  Calcium hypochlorite can be far more dangerous than gas chlorine.  If often reacts violently when in contact with many ordinary materials.  A single match or cigarette dropped into a drum of calcium hypochlorite can literally explode.  A dirty scoop or oily rag over the side of a drum can cause spontaneous combustion, and uncovered hypochlorite in a very warm, humid room can fill the room with chlorine gas.

Sodium Hypochlorite

"Liquid bleach is safe or we wouldn't use it in our homes and pools"

Fact: Many accidents and even deaths have occurred with relatively weak household bleach.  Rags soaked with sodium hypochlorite that have been allowed to stand have started fires.  Household bleach has caused several deaths when used along with other agents that release chlorine fumes.  And every year, skin burns, permanent eye injuries and poisoning related to bleach reported.

Gas Chlorine

"Accidents and death occur from leaks caused by gas chlorine"

Fact:  Present-day, fail safe systems have virtually eliminated the dangers traditionally associated with the use of gas chlorine.  The effects of gas chlorine are transient-once the victim is removed from the area, recovery begins immediately and is usually complete, with no long-term effects.  In fact, during the past 25years, statistics prove that gas chlorine is the safest method used.



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